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Cheese Culture

San Simón da Costa PDO

San Simón da Costa PDO

Cheese Type

The oldest cows’ milk cheese in Spain, and possibly Europe. Legend has it that it was the Celts settled in the province of Lugo in Galicia who invented this smoked cheese. It was sent to Rome in the age of the Roman Empire due to its special flavour and durability. In the Middle Ages, it was used to pay forums and tithes to feudal lords and the church; and even after this was abolished it was still customary up to the 20th century to pay for a christening ceremony with two cheeses from San Simón da Costa.

It is matured for a minimum of 45 days and smoked over birch shavings, which imparts a subtle smoky flavour the cheese’s smooth, creamy paste and a golden-brown glow to its firm rind. It has a full but not extreme flavour that is buttery and sweet in the mouth with a smoky aftertaste.

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