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Saint Nectaire

Saint Nectaire

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The Auvergne is a beautiful, mountainous region in southern central France. Aubrac & Salers cows graze on the rich and aromatic volcanic pastures and their milk is transformed into this cheese named after the region.

Saint Nectaire was the first cows’ milk cheese to be granted Appellation d'Origine Protégée (Protected Designation of Origin) status. It is produced exclusively in a small area of the Auvergne region on volcanic lands at an altitude of about 1000m.

It is ripened for a minimum of 28 days during which time it is washed in brine to develop a naturally gritty, terracotta-coloured rind with a distinctly earthy, forest-floor aroma. The interior is pale with a supple texture. It has an initially sweet flavour with notes of stonefruit, grass and hay, and a subtle savoury finish.

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