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Cheese Culture

Queso Mezcla Curado

Queso Mezcla Curado

Cheese Type

This cheese is made using a blend of pasteurised milk from cows, goats and sheep and the flavour has elements of all three. The blend minimums are generally 50% cow milk, 30% goat milk and 10% sheep milk. In general the cow’s milk provides the flavour, while the goat’s milk provides acidity and the paler colour and the sheep’s milk adds the richness and buttery consistency.

The firm texture of this pressed cheese contains small eyes unequally distributed. The interior has a light yellow to beige colour.

The flavour is herbaceous with a very mild goat tang that blends with the buttery sheep milk to produce a very comforting flavour and aroma. With age the texture becomes drier and the flavour more intense.

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