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Papillon Roquefort 'Emotion'

Papillon Roquefort 'Emotion'

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A family business since 1906, Fromageries Papillon has always specialized in the production of the Aveyron region’s most famous cheese: Roquefort. The dairy, which is based in the town of Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, is now owned by the Farines family, and still uses a homemade strain of Penicillium roquefortii in Roquefort production, which is cultivated in the owner’s bakery. The range of Papillon products has continued to expand over the years, now including both traditional French and original cheeses.

Roquefort is a powerful cheese: rich, tangy, and reminiscent of bread and yeast. It crumbles yet is creamy in texture. Moist pockets of blue flavour spring to life on the palate, offering a contrast to the full, creamy paste. The taste is addictively salty, sweet and complex. Briny, ocean-y notes are present and a blue piquancy floats up through the nostrils. 

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