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Cheese Culture

Mons Ossau Iraty Basque

Mons Ossau Iraty Basque

Cheese Type

This is made in the Aquitaine region of France. Ossau in the valley of the Bearn, and Iraty in the beech forests of the Pays Basque give this cheese its name. There is a long tradition of making sheep milk cheese in this region and they are often just known as mountain cheese.

Cheese is made for up to 9 months of the year, but the best is made when the shepherds take their flocks to the mountains, where they spend the season from March to September.

This cheese goes to the affinage caves of Mons Fromager-Affineur in the Auvergne for a further four months maturation with constant care and attention.

Covered by an orange to grey rind, the interior becomes firmer. This slightly dry textured cheese still gives way to a creamy, buttery feel in the mouth, and the flavours hint at both herbs and fruit, with more nutty tones.

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