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Cheese Culture

Mothais Sur Feuille

Mothais Sur Feuille

Cheese Type

Mothais sur Feuille is named after the town of Mothe-Saint-Héray, where the cheese has been made and sold at local markets since the mid nineteenth century.

In contrast to most goat cheese this one is aged in 100% humidity. The maturing process takes three to four weeks during which time the cheeses are turned frequently.

The ripe cheese rests on a chestnut, sycamore or plane leaf to encourage optimum flavour development.

The rind is delicate and slightly wrinkled, often covered with blue and grey moulds. The interior has a meltingly soft texture when young, becoming denser as the cheese matures. When young, the cheeses exhibit delicate wood, earth and leaf flavours. These flavours become more intense with age.

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