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Cheese Culture

Mons Swiss Gruyère de Grottes AOC

Mons Swiss Gruyère de Grottes AOC

Cheese Type

The Mons family has been maturing cheese for three generations and travel throughout France to find artisan cheese makers who work with the best milk and offer the best expressions of that milk in their cheese.

This cheese originated from a mountain area surrounding the picturesque alpine village of Gruyères in the Fribourg canton. In 2001, Gruyère gained Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée status as a Swiss cheese, and cheeses of a similar nature made elsewhere could no longer be labelled as Gruyère.

It is named ‘de Grottes’ due to its unique maturation environment. For a minimum of 18 months, it is ripened in natural limestone caves, or ‘grottes’, on boards of spruce.

The result is a cheese more complex in flavour than ordinary Gruyère, with an initial sweetness balanced by a lingering spicy, brothy finish. Typical of cheeses this age, small Tyrosine crystals are present throughout adding to the character of this remarkable cheese.  

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