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Mil Lel Parmesan Black Wax

Mil Lel Parmesan Black Wax

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Jack Frost, son of the manager of the Yahl Cheese and Butter Co-operative, purchased a small cheese factory at Mil Lel in the south-east of South Australia in 1925. He started with 21 employees and grew the business until 1951, when he sold it to Kraft Walker Cheese Co. The brand evolved to specialise in grana-style cheeses, which are now produced by the Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory, Australia’s oldest dairy processor.

Millel Parmesan cheese is an award winning authentic Grana cheese made in Australia using the finest ingredients. The texture is hard and grainy with some moisture still remaining due to its waxed coating. The flavour is strong and adds good cheese flavour to many favourite recipes.

Parmesan is best when purchased in large pieces. . It is always best to freshly grate in order to enjoy the fresh aroma and full flavour.

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