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Cheese Culture

Marcel Petit Comté 14 months

Marcel Petit Comté 14 months

Cheese Type

Named after the Franche-Comté region, this is the most popular cheese eaten in France, with 40,000 tonnes produced per year.

Marcel Petit have been refining the art of affinage for five generations, selecting Comté exclusively from small dairies of the Jura mountains. By tapping the surface of the cheese, the Affineur can detect any cracks or faults in fermentation in the young wheels. It then undergoes the traditional maturation for a minimum of 14 months​​.

This cheese has a savoury aroma and peanut-buttery, caramel palate. It has a smooth, firm texture with occasional crunches from the development of tyrosine crystals through the curd due to its extended ageing.

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