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Le Saint Germain

Le Saint Germain

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In 1921, Henri Milleret founded his own dairy producing exclusively soft-ripened cheeses in the village of Charcenne in Franche-Comté, eastern France. The dairy was located in the tiny Leffond Chapel and at this time, only some litres of milk were used to produce cheese. Fromagerie Milleret is still 100% family owned and located in the same village, albeit at a modernized cheesemaking facility!                                              

Le Saint Germain is made with quality milk from Montbéliarde cows. It is ripened for a minimum of two weeks and undergoes frequent washing and brushing in this time to develop a lightly sticky orange rind. 

Mildly savoury and easy on the palate with a soft, springy texture when young. As is matures, it develops barnyard and wild mushroom notes.

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