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King Island Dairy Surprise Bay Cheddar

King Island Dairy Surprise Bay Cheddar

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Situated in the Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia is the wonderful King Island. Its unique microclimate of mineral rich soils, cool annual temperatures, abundant rainfall and consistent salt spray results in incredibly lush pastures. The cows graze on this salty grass, to produce a sweet, unusually rich milk. The milk, sourced from just a handful of local farms, is delivered fresh to King Island Dairy, every day. All of their cheeses are made on King Island from 100% King Island milk.

Surprise Bay Cheddar is named after the bay on the island's south west which has a beautiful remote sandy beach.

King Island Dairy Surprise Bay Cheddar has an open texture and crumbly consistency. Twelve months maturation provides a satisfying full flavour.

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