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Mons Comté 24 month

Mons Comté 24 month

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Comté Gruyère is the most popular cheese in France. The root of the word gruyère refers to the forests of the region and is neither French nor Swiss, but comes from a time when those forests spanned France, Switzerland and Germany. The timber from these forests were used under the cheese makers vats to cook the curds. The Mons family select a producer in the Jura region to work with on this special extra aged Comté.

Hervé Mons visits their Fromagerie to grade and select wheels for this project. These wheels of cheese go on to be matured in the Mons maturation tunnel. Each week they are checked, turned and brushed by hand until they reach 24 months of age.

Once these wheels arrive to us, they go into our own special maturing room where the same level of care is given.

The final product has a firm texture and exquisitely complex, almost caramelised nutty characters.

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