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Mons Comté 18 month

Mons Comté 18 month

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The Mons family have been affineurs for three generations.  They selected only 11 of the 160 Comté producers with which to work. Together with the cheese makers, they regularly taste each batch before selecting wheels for maturation.

These wheels of Comté arrive at Mons Fromages-Affineur in the Auvergne at about six months of age. They are then kept in the Mons maturation tunnel where each week they are checked, turned and brushed by hand until they reach eighteen months of age.

Once these wheels arrive in Australia they go into the Cheese Culture maturing room where the same level of care is given weekly until they are sold.

The final product has a firm texture and complex nutty flavours with plenty of length. Comté is France’s most popular cheese and is enjoyed in a myriad of ways.

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