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Cheese Culture

Mons Cantal

Mons Cantal

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Cantal is one of the oldest French Cheeses, predating even Roquefort (11th Century) and is named after the Cantal Mountains. The flavour is attributed to the quality of the raw milk, which comes from the extremely fertile volcanic pasture lands where the cows graze.

Famed French affineur Hervé Mons visits the cheesemaker and grades the available 40kg wheels of Grand Cantal, then selects those to be delivered to Mons at 2 months of age. The maturation continues in the Mons Tunnel for a further 6 months before they are delivered to our own maturing room, where they continue to get full care for the duration of their stay.

This is quite a simple cheese with a milky aroma and a nutty flavour with a slightly tangy finish. It is not uncommon to find fleur de bleu, the growth of blue mould within the interior. 

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