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Cheese Culture

Mons Bleu des Causses

Mons Bleu des Causses

Cheese Type

Often referred to as ‘poor man’s Roquefort’, this cheese shares a very similar history to that famous blue. Made from cows’ milk, it is matured in limestone caves located in Rouergue where it must spend a minimum of 70 days in the cool damp conditions. The caves, much like those of Roquefort, are cool and humid but ventilated and are therefore perfect for the growth of the blue mould. 

Bleu des Causses may vary seasonally with slight differences in texture and flavour. Cheeses made in winter may be lighter in colour and a little drier, whereas summer produces unique grassy and clover flavours.

A ripe cheese is high in moisture with a slightly salty, blue tang and a perfect balance of sweetness.

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