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Fromage de Meaux

Fromage de Meaux

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This is the pasteurised version of the famous Brie de Meaux, king of cheeses. Brie is arguably the original of all soft white moulds. There are various legends about the first production of brie, some placing it as far back as Roman times. Charlemagne is said to have fallen in love with brie in the 8th century, and to have ordered two cartloads for his castle annually. 

The French Revolution was also responsible for the spread of Brie from the châteaux of the aristocracy into the homes of ordinary French people. The close proximity of the centre of production to Paris helped the rise in popularity of this cheese.

The velvety rind reveals mushroom and yeasty aromas with soft yeast and hazelnut notes. The centre of the cheese is rich and creamy with a smooth, supple texture. When fully ripe it will develop some brown rusty patches on the rind, ooze from the centre and have a robust flavour.

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