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French Raclette Milledome

French Raclette Milledome

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French Raclette originated in the Savoie department of the Rhône-Alps region. However, it has been made throughout France for some time. This raclette is made by Fromagerie du Livradois in the Auvergne.

The thin golden rind encases a cheese of supple texture with small holes. The sweet aromatic flavour becomes more intense when heated.

The name of this cheese is derived from the word racler, meaning ‘to scrape’, which describes the way that the cheese is traditionally prepared and eaten. The wheel of cheese is cut and heated and the melted cheese can then be scraped from the wheel with a knife. Raclette is traditionally accompanied by boiled potatoes, cured meats and pickles, flavours which match well with the cheese’s fruity, slightly mouldy aroma and full, savoury flavour.

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