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The story of La Casearia Carpenedo begins in the early 1900s, when Ernesto Carpenedo opened a small cheese shop in the village of Preganziol in Treviso, Italy. He handed this down to his son Antonio, who began refining cheese in 1976. After hearing stories of cheese being hidden in vats of wine to stop it being taken by invading forces, he began dipping the cheese into vats of grape marc. Today Antonio is assisted by his sons Ernesto and Alessandro and their range of cellared cheeses are known all over the world. 

Dolomitico is a dense but creamy blue vein cheese which has been aged with barley malt and beer from Italy’s Dolomite region to create a unique product with a harmonious balance.

Slicing through the dark brown exterior exposes a crumbly ivory paste generously veined with blue. The malty aroma of the cheese sets off its sweet, slightly spicy flavour with toasty notes.

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