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Délice des Crémiers

Délice des Crémiers

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Produced by Fromagerie Delin in the heart of Bourgogne, Délice des Crémiers is made with the highest quality locally sourced milk enriched with cream. It is left to drain for a day before being dry salted then placed in the maturing room where it is inoculated with Penicillin. It matures for a minimum of two weeks and in this time forms the white fluffy rind that allows the cheese to develop its characteristic rich flavour. 

When young, the interior is firm with the flavour of thick cream and salty, savoury notes. With a little more age, the rich and creamy texture develops and the flavour is more complex with a hint of hazelnuts.

This decadent treat is available in three sizes. Mini: 100g, Petit: 200g and Wheel: 1kg.

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