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Pyengana Cloth Cheddar

Pyengana Cloth Cheddar

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Pyengana Dairy was established in 1992 by Jon Healey in the lush green valley of Pyengana in Tasmania’s north east corner. Jon’s grandfather was a cheese maker at the original Pyengana Cheese Factory in the 1940s and 1950s, and Jon is still using the same traditional recipes used by his grandfather.

Pyengana Cloth Cheddar is handcrafted using a recipe that is unique to Pyengana and perfected on farms in the valley over 130 years. Matured in traditional cheese cloth in a cave-like environment, just like traditional cheddar, but only for approximately 9 months (instead of 12) to develop a rich flavour with earthy characteristics. The resulting cheese has well balanced, mild to mature flavours and a smooth texture.

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