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Cheese Culture

Comté 15-18 months

Comté 15-18 months

Cheese Type

Named after the Franche-Comté region, this is the most popular cheese eaten in France, with 40,000 tonnes produced per year. Fromagerie Arnaud select from quality cheese makers and transport the cheese to their own fort for maturation.

This takes place inside a former Napoleonic fort buried into a hill, with magnificent vaulted rooms and kilometres of galleries. The fort holds 75,000 wheels of Comté and each wheel is graded every three months to ensure the best quality. By tapping the surface of the cheese the Affineur is able to detect any faults in fermentation or cracks in young wheels.

This cheese has buttery, roasted-nut aromas and a sweet finish. It has nutty, aromatic flavours.

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