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Chällerhocker is a relatively new cheese created by Master Cheesemaker Walter Räss of Kaserei Tufertschwil, a village dairy with industry roots going back to 1896. Known for years for excellence in the production of Appenzeller, in 2001 Räss decided to move in a different direction after being prompted to utilise rich Jersey milk from his brother-in-law’s new herd.

Pronounced ‘holler hocker’, which roughly translates as ‘sitting in the cellar’, this Swiss cousin of Appenzeller is washed in brine and spices and then matured for a minimum of 10 months on wooden planks.

The cheese is dense and smooth, with a silky, fudgy texture. The repeated brine washing and extended ageing reveal a great depth of flavour and aroma; a combination of roasted peanuts, leeks in brown butter, sweet cream and caramel. The lingering silky, salty finish of Chällerhocker makes it an ideal cheese for the winter months.

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