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Casa Madaio Il Calcagno

Casa Madaio Il Calcagno

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Casa Madaio is a family owned business located in Campania, in the national park of Cilento. The family home, a castle with three towers, is reflected in their distinctive logo. It is said that it represents the connection of the past with the future.  For four generations the techniques of producing and ripening cheese have been handed down from father to son, to create a truly authentic Italian cheese range.

Il Calcagno is made on a small farm on the island of Sardinia from 100% ewe's milk. The Madaio family then matures the cheese in its natural cave at Castelcivita for up to 2 years. This maturing time gives the interior a compact, firm, flaky yet smooth texture. The flavour has a lovely sweetness paired with the nuttiness and length of palate from the sheep's milk.

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