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Cheese Culture

Bra Tenero

Bra Tenero

Cheese Type

Bra Tenero DOP is a semi-hard, full-fat cheese made with cows’ milk. The cheese takes its name from the city of Bra. It acquires its name because the Braidesi entrepreneurs bought it from the herdsmen of the Cuneo valleys and matured it in their cellars. It is aged for a minimum of 45 days.

This cheese is then further matured to develop its flavour. The cheese has a supple, elastic texture that ranges in colour from creamy to straw yellow, with small holes distributed unevenly through the paste. An incredibly aromatic cheese, Bra Tenero has a flavourful tang that stings the tongue with its pleasant intensity. It is sweet, buttery and nutty with a similarity to mild cheddar.

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