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Cheese Culture

Mons Bleu d'Auvergne

Mons Bleu d'Auvergne

Cheese Type

Named after the Auvergne, a mountainous region in south-central France, this moist, creamy blue is made from cow’s milk. The wheels are pierced with needles early in their life, and the channels give the mould the air it needs to grow. 

This cheese has a natural rind and an ivory interior with liberal blue-grey veining. The interior is firm yet creamy in texture. As it matures, the crust becomes sticky and starts to develop reddish brown moulds that help to break down the interior, elegantly softening and intensifying the flavour.

These are matured by the French affineur (cheese maturer), Hervé Mons to be firm and dense yet still creamy, with a robust, smoky, piquant flavour.

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