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Cheese Culture

Beaufort d'Eté

Beaufort d'Eté

Cheese Type

Beaufort is named after a small rural town in the Savoie province in the French Alps. Each wheel of Beaufort weighs over 40kg and takes all the milk produced by a herd of 45 cows in a day to make one wheel (12 litres of milk equals 1kg of Beaufort).

The cows are a special breed of mountain cow called Tarines. Beaufort d’été applies to the cheeses made from milk collected from June to October. At this time the cows graze freely on mountain pastures full of grass and Alpine flowers, hence the cheese will be a pale yellow colour and have sweeter, more floral flavours.

It has a lingering palate that melts in the mouth and a slight acidity, nuttiness and saltiness at the end. Beaufort is easily recognised by its concave heal (the side of the cheese arcs inwards), without that it’s just not Beaufort! 

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