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Cheese Culture

Appenzeller Extra Noir

Appenzeller Extra Noir

Cheese Type

Appenzell is a small town surrounded by lush pastures in north eastern Switzerland, where this specialty cheese has been made for over 700 years. 

The raw milk comes from cows that are never fed on silage or anything that includes additives. Appenzeller is a pressed, cooked curd cheese with a rind is that is brushed with brine containing a secret spicy herbal recipe. 

The best wheels of Appenzeller are selected for extra maturation. They are then carefully matured for a further six months to develop more mature flavours and earn the Appenzeller Extra classification. 

The natural rind is reddish to dark brown and contains a pale yellow interior with small eyes. The uniquely spicy flavour is a reflection of the secret herbal mix.

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