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La Vera Adel Blue

La Vera Adel Blue

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This luscious blue vein is produced by La Vera, set up by the Marmorale family in 1984. The original head cheesemaker Pino spent considerable time training overseas where he became skilled in producing traditional Italian style cheeses, and also a range of artisan style cheeses including surface ripened cheeses, blue veins and hard cheeses. He has since passed the baton on to the next generation who continue the family tradition.

This blue vein originally started as a sheep milk cheese, but its popularity meant that a change to cow milk was required to keep up with demand. It is coated in a dark blue wax to ensure that the moisture of the interior is not lost. It has a wonderful creamy texture and a tangy fruity flavour. This is a favourite amongst blue and non-blue eaters alike.

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