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Cheese Culture

Abondance AOP

Abondance AOP

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This mountain cheese is produced using only milk from cows of the Abondance, Montbeliard and Tarine breeds. It takes 100 litres of milk from cattle grazing in the high mountain pastures to make a single wheel of Abondance weighing in at 9-10kg.

The Alpine (d’Alpage) cheese is made during the summer migration of herds, when the cows graze outside on high mountain pastures full of grass, herbs and wildflowers. All cheese is made from fresh raw milk using small copper cauldrons, before being drained in wooden hoops and pressed overnight. 

The result is a firm cheese with a pale orange rind which matures to a dark mushroom colour. Its moist interior will be creamy in the mouth and have a great balance of acidity and sweetness with a long floral aftertaste.


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