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Cheese Culture

Section 28 Mont Priscilla

Section 28 Mont Priscilla

Cheese Type

Kym Masters went to the Haut Jura region of France to study a style of cheese made by farmers using leftover curds. Placed in a barrel overnight they would sprinkle ash from burnt vine leaves on the fresh curd in order to prevent a rind from forming (and to keep insects away). They would then top it up with more curd the next day. This gave the cheese its distinctive ash line but would also result in a slightly different colour and texture between the top and the bottom. 

Kym returned to Australia to set up Section 28, where he is hand-making uniquely Australian cheese using the same technique. This cheese acknowledges this history whilst capturing the terroir of the Adelaide Hills via the local milk.

Named after a location close to the family farm, Mont Priscilla is distinguishable by the line of ash running through its centre. The orange-brown rind has been washed to produce a yeasty aroma and a silky, subtle taste. It has a soft, yellow-ivory paste that is buttery, sweet, and smooth, with hints of fresh hay. 

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