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Rolf Beeler Gruyère Alpage

Rolf Beeler Gruyère Alpage

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Gruyère comes from the foothills of the Fribourg Alps and its history dates back to the pre-Roman era. It is one of the most influential of Swiss cheeses and is strictly controlled in order to attain its AOP standard.

This cheese is made using summer milk only in a single herd alpage production. It is produced in the traditional manner, where the curd is cooked over a wooden fire in a large copper vat high in the alps. Swiss Affineur Rolf Beeler has then selected and aged these particular wheels to fifteen months before releasing into the market. 

The alpine grasses that the cows graze on is conducive to achieving a beautiful rich milk which is reflected in the floral yet savoury flavour of the cheese with hints of toasted hazelnuts.

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